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DofE Bronze Experience 2019

Here is a little bit about out DofE Experience
So, it was back in March when we started our training in Strichen, we completed a 10 week (which ended up 12) which included Camp Craft, First Aid, Cooking, Map Work and others, which we got tested on to make sure we knew what we was doing. After we had completed our training, we went on to complete our Practice Hike, which started on Saturday 6th July In Maud where we walked from Maud to our camp at the Observatory near Mintlaw. Once we got there, we had to put up our tents and make out supper. After that we had time to have a look around the area. The next day we had to walk to the white cow woods which we did a lap of, after that we headed up Mormond hill before finishing in Strichen. Later that week we discussed what went well and what to improve. Then on the 31st September at the Linn of Dee Car Park (near Braemar) we began our Assessment hike which was over 30km long. During Day One, we had very bad rain which made the hike more challenging, but we all managed to reach Corrour Bothy which the leaders were staying. Once we arrived, we got our Tents up and got something hot to eat. Later that night we went to bed quite early so we could set off early the next day. The next morning, we set off towards Bob Scots Bothy where we stopped to have our Lunch. After our Lunch we continued walking back towards the cars where we were picked up by the Leaders. On our way home we stopped at Aboyne Chippers to get some ‘proper food’. We arrived home in the Broch just before 9pm on Sunday. We did our Presentations on September 10th in Strichen with a fair-sized audience. Everyone thought they were very good.
Ross Duthie

I fell in the water, I was so slow, the group went my speed, I had a fun but exhausting experience with the DofE for my bronze hike
Jordan Smith

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